Koren Specific Technique

Koren Specific Technique is one of chiropractic's newest techniques. There is no twisting, turning, "cracking" or "popping" of joints. Instead you receive specific adjustments to your spine using vibration. Most adjustments are done with you standing or sitting and always fully clothed. Patients usually notice changes on the first visit and are able to tell if the technique is something that is working for them in only one or two visits. Your body will likely hold its corrections for a longer period of time between adjustments.

The first step is to challenge, which involves gently moving a body part in various directions looking for restrictions/subluxations. Next is to check which adjustment will correct that body part or movement. Once it is determined which body part is out of proper position, and the specific adjustment is determined, it may then be corrected with the use of the arthrostim which is simply a vibration.

What we like most about KST is that the Doctor can check and adjust for disc lesions, this is usually the chronic back problem that doesn't seem to be helped by other treatments.

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