Subluxation or Degeneration of the Spine

Why is chiropractic to popular? 

It is because there is no one else who is a trained professional that can locate and correct a subluxation!  What causes a subluxation?  Subluxations are caused from accidents, falls, sports, poor posture and emotional stress.  Nearly everyone will have a subluxation at one time or another.  A subluxation is defined as a displaced vertebrae putting pressure on the nervous system.  

What does a subluxation do?

Subluxations affect how the body functions (dis-ease) resulting in lowered resistance to disease, pain, imbalance, and fatigue which can pave the way for ill health almost anywhere in the body.  Subluxation damage includes the following components.

1.  Joint Damage (Kinesiopathology)

Your structure is misaligned. You may not be able to turn your head, hips or other body parts around very well.  You may notice your joints pop alot.

2.  Nerve Damage (neuropathology)

This means you have stress on your nerves.  Chemicals and messages that flow over the nerves may be blocked.  Sometimes this may hurt but many times it will not.

3.  Muscle Damage (myopathology)

Your muscles are tight, in spasm, weak, overly sensitive and/or sore.  Posture is often unbalanced resulting in fatigue and increased joint wear and tear.

4.  Tissue Damage (histiopathology)

You will have trigger points or painful spots.  Ligaments, cartilage, discs, tendons and internal organs may be affected resulting in osteoarthritis or spinal degeneration.  

5.  Overall body malfunction (pathophysiology)

Eventually long standing subluxations cause your muscles, joints, ligaments, and organs to show signs of wear and tear, premature aging, fatigue, less resistance to disease and lack of mental and physical vitality.  Spinal degeneration and disk herniation may result if years of subluxation damage goes uncorrected.  

Get a chiropractic check up now!

Often subluxations are painless.  But if you are experiencing symptoms its even more important then ever to have a chiropractic check up.  Many families go for chiropractic care to ensure they are the best that they can be.  Just like you get your eyes examined, teeth checked, and blood pressure monitored.....take the time for your spine as well.  You will be glad that you did.   

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